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Have control over your services:

All web hosting plans come with the latest version of the award-winning cPanel hosting control panel. With a simple graphical interface, you are able to view statistics, manage your email accounts, download and upload files and a lot more. One-click installer with over 330 scripts available makes it easy for you to install or update software like WordPress, Drupal or Boonex Dolphin. All of our hosting accounts also come with the easy-to-use Trendy site builder tool.


Today's internet-connected world faces an increasing number of security threats. Our priority is to keep your hosting account secure at all times. To make this possible, we are performing constant security auditing in our systems. We only gather the minimum amount of data regarding our customers and we store it encrypted. You are always connected through secure 256-bit SSL when accessing billing information, the file manager or web mail. All our shared hosting servers are protected with advanced DDoS protection system. We allow you to sign up anonymously.


All offshore hosting plans are hosted in Sweden, where online censorship is low. Sweden is not part of the EU or USA. Our independent freedom of expression legislation guarantees publishers, journalists and bloggers a safe haven to publish their words without being harassed.


We provide affordable web hosting plans in Sweden. Starting from only 3.40 EUR per month. Our billing system is simple and there are no hidden costs or fees. You can sign up with us without a contract and cancel your service anytime you like. We offer wide variety of payment methods for you to choose.


We have been in business for years. All of our hosting plans are hosted on high-speed professional servers with 99,9% uptime. That is how we can ensure your site is always online and working fast. All of our hosting plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


What you need right now is what you are paying for. Unlike many service providers, we don't charge extra if you wish to upgrade your hosting plan in the future. You will only pay the difference for the upgrade. Our custom web hosting solutions offer fully customized services that suit your needs.

Save Nature:

All of our servers run on 100% renewable energy. By choosing green products and services, you can help to prevent climate change. Read more about our mission to help environment.


safehost365.coms Linux and Windows Virtual Private Server are ideal options for you if you wish to have the freedom of a dedicated server without the typical cost. When you choose our VPS solution, you can enjoy the great benefits of our privacy and freedom of speech legislation. All of our servers are hosted in Iceland with 100% green energy!


Security Privacy VPS

Why VPS?

If you are looking for a hosting solution with unlimited control of your machine and with the affordability of a shared hosting plan, VPS may be your answer. VPS is an intermediate option with the features of both shared hosting and dedicated servers. We offer a VPS's with backup service.

Full Control of your server

Our servers are always operated with full root access. We also offer the latest versions of modern control panels, such as cPanel and Enkompass, pre-installed on to your VPS. With Windows VPS, you will also be able to take advantage of remote desktop functionality and other advanced features.

We take security to the next level

The security of our clients is our top priority. We store all sensitive data encrypted. Our servers have full backups that can be accessed via an SSH connection or similar encrypted connection.

Enjoy our modern privacy and freedom of speech legislation

Our data centers are located in Sweden, which is famous for its freedom of expression laws. Sweden provides you better privacy and lower online censorship than most countries. Sweden is a completely independent nation inside of the European Union.

Save Nature:

All of our servers run on 100% renewable energy. By choosing "green" products and services, you can help to prevent climate change. You may read here regarding our actions to minimize and reverse the impact to the nature.



Protect your system against advanced DDoS attacks with safehost365.com DDoS protection that works for ALL types of services exhaustion attacks, including Layer 7 attacks (application layer). Protection will be enabled within minutes after your payment is processed. You may order DDoS protection upon ordering a any new hosting service. If you wish to protect an existing service.


Why Do People Attack?

The number of DDoS attacks has been rapidly increasing over the past years. One of the reasons is that there are tools and online manuals available for everyone who is interested to initiate these types of attacks against other websites or servers. 

The attacker may have various reasons to attack your website. Some do it for financial or political reasons. Others do it just for fun. We have seen increasing number of ransom related attacks lately as well. With these types, the attacker contacts the site owner, demanding a ransom to be paid or they won't stop the attack. Even though this sort of activity is criminalized in many countries, the law enforcement agencies are able to provide a very little, if any support in cases like this. They are also being victims of these sorts of attacks and have ended up paying ransoms. 

Whether the person behind the attack is your competing site, cyber-extortionist or a bored script kiddie, the only effective way to protect your website is to sign up with advanced DDoS protection.

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